Monday, February 11, 2013

Goodbye For Now

 Hey guys. I know it's been probably over two months now since I have posted and probably since I have played W101 and/or P101. My life has just been completely insane and I need to concentrate on my work for now. If I ever get back into playing W101 and/or P101 I will begin to post again. But sadly, until then all I can do is say goodbye and hopefully Diana will be posting again. I hope you guys enjoyed my posts! Hope to blog again someday!

Savannah GriffinFriend

P.S. If you guys can, you should check out my friends' new youtube channel with vlogs and also gaming tips and adventures (I might be in some of them) so go check it out! Here is the link: and if that doesn't work just look up their username : WeAreTheThirdHalf

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Such Craziness!

 Hey guys! Sorry I haven't posted in over a week... but at least I don't have much news that I missed! So this weekend was the beginning of December and I have yet to choose this year's special December Pet of the Month. So stay tuned for that! ;)

 Also, there is now a plant-a-palooza going on right now in the wizardry part of the Spiral! And don't forget about the new pre-paid game cards for Pirate101 that came out (US only right now) so if you want you can go down to your nearest Target or Gamestop or some other store listed on the Pirate101 game card page, and you can get yourself some crowns or a membership with a pet that can help you out in your battles!

 I will hopefully have my Kestrel Deveraux story page up and running soon and I'm not sure when I will have another chance to post but when I do, expect to see that special December Pet of the Month! ;) I hope all of you had a great weekend and stay safe as that colder weather comes in! =)

Savannah GriffinFriend
Kestrel Deveraux

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

 Hey guys! So today it's Thanksgiving or Turkey Day as some like to call it. And I wanted to say that you should all be very thankful for what you have right now! (Including the pie c: )
Not my picture. I got this from a search on Google Images.

 I also wanted to tell you about something that happened near where I live. There was a car accident yesterday. A head on collision with one death and two left in critical condition. The death was of a boy in my grade. He was younger than most of us but he was still an amazing person and everytime I saw him he was smiling and he seemed like such a nice person. And from what I heard he had died saving his girlfriend's life, who was also in the crash and left in critical condition. The way he left all of us is not a good way but he will always be in our hearts. 
 I was hoping that all of you would be willing to include him, his family, and his girlfriend in your prayers tonight. Or maybe you could wear green or black or write "Nik and Divine" on your wrist next Monday, 11/26/12. Even if you aren't religious, don't pray, or don't want to support this at least remember that you should always live life to its fullest and always try to do the right thing because you never know when your day will come. I love you all and please stay safe for the rest of the holiday season. <3
My friend and I made this for him. I made the background while she added in the words. We will miss you Nik <3

Savannah GriffinFriend

Additional note: I'm sorry this isn't Pirate101 or Wizard101 related today. My next post will include more news and adventures from the Spiral. I promise. Until next time, be safe, be happy, and be strong. :)

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Azteca and Some Random Pirating!

 Hey guys! So some news from the Spiral is that Azteca is finally out and the level cap is now 90 for all the wizards in Ravenwood! Woohoo! Azteca is a prehistoric world filled with dinosaurs and aztec type thing. Along with the world there also came some mounts and a little lizard pet! The mounts are pretty cool too! They are basically dinos decorated with rainbow feathers and paint and stuff!

 Along with trying to catch up in Wizard101, I have been going around Pirate101! So far it's a lot of fun and not too hard to do if you are trying to solo it. It is a little hard when it comes to choosing which companions should get the training points though ;) Right now I have just begun my journey in Cool Ranch and am a level 16 with a Bonnie Anne that basically ends the fights in one round. I do hope everybody else has given Pirate101 a try because even though it's different, it's still a lot of fun!

 Here's Kestrel and her Bonnie Anne

And here's Kestrel's ship! It's HUGE! O.O

 I hope you all have an amazing Thanksgiving! (I am sayin this now because I have a feeling I won't be able to post before or on Thanksgiving) Don't forget to contact us at: if you need any help or have any questions for us! :)

Savannah GriffinFriend
Kestrel Deveraux

Monday, November 12, 2012

Eh... Sorry... (Diana B)

So, guys..... Long time no see, eh?

Well, I feel bad for abandoning you guys, but I've been having EXTREMELY CRITICAL technical issues so I'm going to post A.S.A.P. from now on. But.... Pirate101 is here, and I'm trying to get all my Wizard101 buddies to join me in it. It's different from Wizard101, but cool as well. I like it!

Well, I have to go already, so, SEE YOU SOON! :D

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Pet of the Month!

 Hey guys! So I guess it's November now huh? Well all I can think of when it comes to November is Thanksgiving and all the food that comes with it. Anyways, I hope all of you had a great Halloween! So now it's time to announce the November Pet of the Month! This month's pet is..... the Fierce Hound!

 This little hound comes in the Epic Bundle. Although it is not sold anymore you can easily hatch one in the Pet Pavillion. Their bottom halves can be dyed red, green, blue, or gold (as seen in picture) 

 So now that all of the crazy Halloween stuff is over, it is time to finally head into the holiday season! Starting with Thanksgiving! I'm not entirely sure if Kingsisle will bring in any special Thanksgiving vendors this year but if they do I hope to see everyone dressed up for the occasion! 

 I also want to point out that Pirate101 has been up for a while now! I have tried it out and let me just say, it can be VERY crowded at times! Especially on Skull Island! My character's name on Pirate101 is Kestrel Deveraux and I am planning on creating several characters with the last name "Deveraux" So if you happen to see anyone with only a first name and a last name (the last name being Deveraux; no descriptive word in front) don't be shy! I will be willing to help anybody who comes to me! So far it's been an enjoyable experience and I hope that it is a great experience to everyone else who tries it. 

 So I will probably be posting only once a month now due to real life craziness and the fact that Diana is no longer able to post. I will try to get on both Wizard101 and Pirate101 as often as possible so I hope to see everybody in good spirits for the holidays and running around with their amazing pets! Everybody have a great day and be happy! =D

Savannah GriffinFriend

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

October October October!

 Hey guys! I've been super busy out in the real world lately that I have had ZERO time to get on Wizard101 so let's just start with the updates! Okay. So first off let me start with Halloween! Every year Kingsisle adds in fun Halloween decorations and quests for everybody to enjoy! They also add in the various Halloween themed pets, clothes, and packs in the Crowns Shop and with Spooky Bob. The Halloween quests are so much fun to just go and do because it gets you in a little more of a Halloween spirit! For some you capture ghosts, and for others you go trick-or-treating! (My personal favorite thing to do) And overall I always feel like there is much more excitement in the game when Halloween comes around. 

Here is the girl's Halloween clothing version and a pumpkin goblin pet!

I also wanted to put in a Pet of the Month for October since I haven't done so yet and also because my birthday is in October! =D Okay! So the Pet of the Month for October is....... the Blackcat! The Blackcat costs 1500 Crowns and can be bought from Spooky Bob in the Shopping District. This little kitty cat bounces along beside you almost like a firecat but without the chance of getting burned! It also gives a very simple spell, also called Blackcat! 

I hope to see everybody running around Wizard City with their Halloween spirits up and their Halloween pets right beside them!! Everybody have a hauntingly good Halloween!

Savannah GriffinFriend

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Test Realm is Up!

 Hey guys! Just wanted to add a little note along with the other hundreds that the test realm is open for some pvp updates and an added level for pets, along with two new games for all of those amazing pets you guys own! I think that is about all I wanted to say... Oh ya! I want you guys all to go look up TouchTheSkyFilms on YouTube! He is amazing and I hope you guys will support him! Please go look him up! I'm almost positive that you guys will get a laugh from at least one of his videos. If for some reason you can't get onto YouTube but can get onto facebook, he also has a facebook page where he posts some of his videos. Please go look him up and if you like him support him! Thanks guys! Have a good night everyone and keep up with those amazing pets you all have on Wizard101! =D

Savannah GriffinFriend

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Pet of the Month

 Hey guys! Sorry about being late with the Pet of the Month. You can never trust me with dates. ;P Anyways, for August the Pet of the Month is the Burning Pixie. I chose this pet because of the face. The face is so determined it reminded me of what a book said about all you leos out there! So here is the stats for the pixie. =D

I hope to see people around the spiral with this confident and determined pet! Have a great day!!!

Savannah GriffinFriend

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Almost a Month?!

Hey guys!! It's been forever hasn't it?! Well, I've come to say that both Diana and I are going to be super busy for the next few weeks because of marching band and drill and all that fun stuff. So I haven't been on Wizard101, if you haven't guessed already. I will be going on later and will be posting the Pet of the Month either later tonight or tomorrow sometime. Other news I have just learned is that there is now a drawing for closed beta spots for Pirate101!!! Enter to win now!!! =D Also, I just saw that they will soon be taking the epic bundle away very soon!! It may be forever! O.O So I hope you guys had an AWESOME summer and I will be posting within the next 24 hours! =P

Savannah GriffinFriend