Sunday, December 2, 2012

Such Craziness!

 Hey guys! Sorry I haven't posted in over a week... but at least I don't have much news that I missed! So this weekend was the beginning of December and I have yet to choose this year's special December Pet of the Month. So stay tuned for that! ;)

 Also, there is now a plant-a-palooza going on right now in the wizardry part of the Spiral! And don't forget about the new pre-paid game cards for Pirate101 that came out (US only right now) so if you want you can go down to your nearest Target or Gamestop or some other store listed on the Pirate101 game card page, and you can get yourself some crowns or a membership with a pet that can help you out in your battles!

 I will hopefully have my Kestrel Deveraux story page up and running soon and I'm not sure when I will have another chance to post but when I do, expect to see that special December Pet of the Month! ;) I hope all of you had a great weekend and stay safe as that colder weather comes in! =)

Savannah GriffinFriend
Kestrel Deveraux