Monday, February 11, 2013

Goodbye For Now

 Hey guys. I know it's been probably over two months now since I have posted and probably since I have played W101 and/or P101. My life has just been completely insane and I need to concentrate on my work for now. If I ever get back into playing W101 and/or P101 I will begin to post again. But sadly, until then all I can do is say goodbye and hopefully Diana will be posting again. I hope you guys enjoyed my posts! Hope to blog again someday!

Savannah GriffinFriend

P.S. If you guys can, you should check out my friends' new youtube channel with vlogs and also gaming tips and adventures (I might be in some of them) so go check it out! Here is the link: and if that doesn't work just look up their username : WeAreTheThirdHalf